Mesothelioma is a type of cancer that has only one cause - Asbestos

We are the leading Mesothelioma Law Firm in Canada and have obtained over $50 million in verdicts and settlements. We are primarily handling mesothelioma cases at this time. We have over 12 years of experience with asbestos claims and have helped over 500 Canadian Mesothelioma victims and their families receive compensation.

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Do not choose an American law firm to handle your case. We have the Canadian legal knowledge to get you more compensation than our American competitors. There are many US Firms that advertise in Canada - beware they are not licensed in Canada. We are true Canadian Mesothelioma Lawyers.


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Workplace Exposure

The majority of our clients were exposed to asbestos in their workplace. As mesothelioma lawyers, it is our job to figure out which asbestos products you were exposed to in your workplace. We do not make a claim against your company or employer, we only seek compensation from the manufacturers of asbestos products. All of the asbestos trusts we apply to are American companies that sold asbestos products in Canada. Our Mesothelioma Lawyers have built a database of information about asbestos products, where and when they were sold. This database helps us figure out what asbestos products you were exposed to, in order to maximize your compensation.

We have helped over 500 clients diagnosed with mesothelioma in Canada, with every possible occupation. From pipe fitters, electricians, plumbers, mine workers, factory workers, mechanics, insulators, machinists, welders, construction workers, steam fitters, carpenters, you name it we have done it. We have had countless Canadian clients that have helped us build a database of asbestos products sold in Canada. With our industry knowledge and experience we can get you more compensation than any of our competitors.

We have built relationships with many asbestos compensation trusts. We can get your claim accepted, and often receive more compensation than the standard amount. Depending on your age and other factors we may be able to get you extra compensation.

There are many American Law Firms that will say they recovered several million for a specific occupation, but this does not apply to Canadians. In order to receive this compensation they are suing viable companies in US courts, something Canadians cannot do unless they have exposure in the USA or are American citizens. These US firms are trying to trick vulnerable people into thinking they can receive greater compensation, but because they are Canadian they cannot have a court case against a manufacturer of asbestos products.

If you have been exposed to asbestos at work and have been diagnosed with mesothelioma, you have options. You can either apply to a provincial Workers Compensation Board or claim directly to US manufactures of asbestos products. You cannot have a claim with the asbestos trusts and also choose workers compensation, you must pick one or the other. In most cases we can recover a much greater amount than Workers Compensation will provide. Give us a call and we can give you a free consultation to advise you which route will give you and your family the most compensation.


Exposure through a family member

Many of our clients were exposed through their parents or spouse. Imagine a normal Canadian family; Dad comes home after work in his dusty old work uniform, mom and the kids give him a big hug - little do they know they may be breathing in the dust and debris from his work uniform. Forty years later, it turns out mom has been diagnosed with mesothelioma from laundering her husband’s clothing, and giving him a hug in his dusty work uniform.

It can often be very difficult to figure out exactly where you were exposed to asbestos, especially if it was through a family member. Many years ago it was normal procedure to come home in your dusty work uniform, with no shower after work. Many of our clients laundered their spouses’ clothing, and ended up breathing in harmful asbestos dust on their clothing. We can help. Even if you were not directly working with asbestos, you may be entitled to compensation. We can make claims for compensation against the manufacturers of asbestos products.

Some of our clients were just babies when their fathers would return home from work, covered in dust and debris, exposing their young children. It is not their fault - they were not warned of the danger. The manufacturers of asbestos willingly covered up the dangers of asbestos, and continued to sell their products without warning labels. They chose profits over lives. Now today we are faced with hundreds of Canadians each year, diagnosed with mesothelioma and asbestos related illness because large corporations did not warn the public and covered up the fact that asbestos is dangerous. The manufacturers have finally agreed to provide some form of compensation, but at such a deadly cost.

If you have secondary exposure to someone that worked with asbestos we can often get a lot of compensation depending on your age and additional factory. We have helped many children and spouses of asbestos workers receive compensation for mesothelioma. Contact us to discuss your options.

Residential Exposure | Renovations


Many of our clients were exposed to asbestos, not at work but in their own home. There is a large range of asbestos products that were sold and marketed for residential homes. Asbestos is very common in houses built in Canada before the 1990s. Even if you did not perform the renovations yourself you may be eligible for compensation.

Common household asbestos products have been sold for many years include:

  • Floor Tiles

  • Drywall Products

  • Joint Compound/Cement

  • Insulation

  • Wiring

  • Asbestos Paper

  • Ceiling Tiles

  • Attic Insulation

  • Cement products

  • Sprayed Fireproofing and Thermal Insulation

  • Corrugated Sheeting

  • Cement Pipes

  • Many more!

In order to receive compensation, we need to figure out which asbestos products you were exposed to. If you have been exposed to asbestos during renovations, we can help you figure out the specific products that were sold for home-use during the years you performed the renovations. We have had hundreds of clients that have been exposed through home renovations. We have built a database of residential asbestos products that were sold in different provinces, from the 1940s to 1990s.


Canada Wide Compensation


As Canadians, we have Workers Compensation protecting us from injuries at work - think again. Workers Compensation is there to protect the employers, not the employees. Workers Compensation prevents workers that are injured from suing their employer, instead receiving a small sum from them. If you decide to receive compensation from workers compensation, they take away your right to make a claim anywhere else. You cannot receive compensation from Workers compensation and the Asbestos Trusts, it is one or the other. Normally Workers Compensation will pay much less than the Asbestos Trusts. Let us help guide you through the Trust system and get you more compensation than Workers Compensation will offer.

Asbestos is one of the leading causes of occupationally-related cancer deaths. The latency period of asbestos makes studying mesothelioma difficult for occupational health researchers. Mesothelioma deaths in Canada rose steady after the 1960s when workers previously exposed to asbestos began to suffer symptoms and doctors began the recognize the disease. We now know the average latency period is about 30 years after initial exposure, but in some cases it ranges from 10 - 50 years. This means that in developing countries today using Canadian mined asbestos, an increase in mesothelioma deaths can be expected in the future.