Nunavut and Asbestos


Even all the way up north, asbestos is a risk. Scientists have known about the dangers of asbestos for over 100 years. Due to poor regulations nothing was done to protect the average person from asbestos until more recently. Large corporations took advantage of this, and purposefully hid the fact that asbestos causes cancer and serious illness. These companies got together to cover up the dangers of asbestos. They purposefully did not put warning on asbestos products because they thought it would hurt their profits. They chose profits over lives. After many years of people dying from asbestos these large companies that sold asbestos products were sued so many times in US courts that they gave up and setup Asbestos Trusts for victims of their products. Now in 2019 Canadians can apply to over 30 different asbestos trusts for compensation.

It can be hard to figure out which trusts to apply to. Let us help guide you through the trust system. In order to have a valid claim, you will need a medical report that proves you have mesothelioma, and exposure information that proves you were exposed to asbestos.