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Many of our clients in British Columbia have worked at paper and pulp mills, we also have clients that worked at power plants, oil refineries, mines, airports, hospitals and everywhere in between. We have the resources and knowledge to help you receive maximum compensation for your mesothelioma claim. We have handled so many claims that it is possible we already have clients that worked at the same location as you. We have been able to build an asbestos database/registry, because we have had so many clients throughout BC and Canada. Our database includes the years and locations where asbestos products used, making it easier to figure out which asbestos trusts that you are eligible for. Our hand made database of asbestos products can help with your claims by figuring out which companies will pay you compensation.

We apply to the manufacturers of asbestos products for compensation, they have setup Asbestos Trusts with compensation for people diagnosed with asbestos related illness. We cannot make claims against your employer, because WorkSafeBC protects your employer from claims. We make claims to the companies that sold asbestos products at the locations you worked. The companies that sold asbestos products knew of the dangers, but hid them from the public. They have setup trust funds for people diagnosed with asbestos related illnesses. We only handle mesothelioma cases, and can help guide you to receive funds from many asbestos trusts.

If you choose an American lawyer, they will often boast about their enormous settlements from court cases, unfortunately the Canadian judicial system works differently. In Canada our justice system is very different, and we do not receive huge payouts like you hear about in the news from the USA. Fortunately we can apply to many Asbestos Trust funds, which all pay in US Dollars, and can provide a substantial amount of compensation. Due to WorkSafeBC you cannot sue your employers, or other employers. Therefore you have two options if you are diagnosed with mesothelioma, you can receive a small amount of compensation from WorkSafeBC, or you can apply directly to the Asbestos Trusts Companies for a larger pay out. If you apply to workers compensation they take away your right to apply to the trusts. WorkSafeBC will pay you a small fraction of what the trusts pay. We apply directly to the Asbestos Trusts and can get our clients much more compensation than workers compensation will provide. We have the knowledge to guide you through the Trust system and make sure you receive the most compensation for your diagnosis.

In order to make a claim against the Asbestos Trusts you need two things. 1) The proper medical report, normally this is called a ‘Pathology Report’ and 2) you need exposure information. In order to determine your exposure, we research your work history and figure out which asbestos products you came across during your career. Our database of asbestos products in Canada will help us figure out which asbestos trusts to make a claim to, based on where and when you worked. If we have an older client that worked at the same location as you, it is can be simple to figure out exactly which products you were exposed to.

Have you ever done a renovation to your home? Do you remember which brand of floor tiles you used? Or which type of drywall boards you bought? Do you remember what type of boiler system was used at your workplace? We can figure out exactly which brands and companies you were exposed to, and help you make a claim to several companies for your mesothelioma diagnosis.

Please call or email us for more information. We can help you get compensation from multiple asbestos trusts.